The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD
While trawling the web looking for stuff about the Discworld, I discovered the Discworld itself: Filled with awe and delight, I clicked the Play Now link and found myself...

... well, actually not walking the streets of Ankh-Morpork directly, as there is a short "prologue" section of the game in which you design yourself a character before going forth... but after that, I found myself...

... in the Mended Drum, staring in marvel at such legendary heroes as Hrun the Barbarian, Stren Withel, and Sergent Detritus himself. No sign of Rincewind... but I suppose that was to be expected, wasn't it?

Since then I've tried out a few characters, and now feel ready to write my own page on the Discworld MUD (to add to the hundreds already out there). Just to be different, however, I'll assume that, like me, you're slightly more interested in exploring the Disc than killing monsters.

I shall therefore be describing life as an Adventurer.

A quill in an inkwell