The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD


Oh yes indeed: you don't have to return to the mortal realm immediately. (Unless you were carrying a lot of equipment and money you can't afford to lose; a swift return under those circumstances is, of course, highly recommended.)

After all, we are Adventurers! Not for us the grind of numberchasing our way to Guild glory; for us there is only the lure of the farthest horizon and the great unknown...

And what is more unknown than death?

Things to Do in Dinky When You're Dead

A few years ago, the Ankh-Morpork Daily published a thought-provoking piece with this very same title1. Although, while your wispy fingers need not be troubled by the inability to hold material objects such as newspapers thanks to website access, you do need to have bought the edition in question before you can read it there.

So if you are currently dead, and forgot to buy back issues of the AM Daily when you were putting your Discly affairs in order, this link will be of little help:

Things to Do in Dinky When You're Dead.

The more organised among us, however, may click, read, enjoy and be inspired by some examples of how, now we are dead, there is nowhere we cannot go.

And then, why not take a trip to see the vampires of Escrow, or the werewolves of the Uberwald forests? Or indeed, any other place you'd like to see but previously dared not visit?

Or possibly simply amuse yourself, like Jasper in this tale from a vintage copy of the Ankh-Morpork Daily2:

Ghost haunts Ankh-Morpork.

Choose a Title

While living, you can enter the command title and see a range of titles with which you may prefix your name3.

The titles available depend on things like nationality, guild membership, age, achievements... but to my surprise, a set of titles are also available to those of a ghostly persuasion.

So, use the title command to set yourself a title for whenever you find yourself corporeally challenged, and choose from this stylish list:

"Wandering" has a certain resonance for the Adventuring wraith-about-town.

Earn Idle XP

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, you can earn XP for just logging in and doing absolutely nothing.

It has also been noted that dying can seriously harm your XP.

So it therefore comes as something of a surprise to discover that ghosts can earn idle XP.

Yes indeed: while your death may cost you some or all of whatever XP you had while living, you may still earn more while dead.

The Venerable Boot, explorer extraordinaire, comfirms this. His alt Kland, who regularly maps the Disc while dead for safety reasons, once arrived in Bes Pelargic with the impressive total of 3 million XP ... having started from Ankh-Morpork with zero.

Furthermore, whatever you earn as a ghost is yours to keep if you are resurrected; on this occasion, the lucky Pishite responsible earned a mighty 100,000 XP for the favour.

Which rather neatly concludes this section on the delights of ghostliness, and takes us into the subject of one's return to the mortal realm...

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