The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD


Despite the title of this section, Resurrection is not the only method for regaining a fleshly transport for your immortal parts.

It is, however, the most popular, for reasons which will become clear as we take a closer look at the various options recommended by the imps of Kilmarizan.

Godmother Help

To summon the Godmother to your aid, simple type godmother help. When she arrives, type say yes or 'yes as quickly as possible, or she'll assume you summoned her by mistake, and leave.


Cons: NB: Since first writing this, the eminent Pishite Zexium has let it be known that you can also think safe or simply nod godmother in circumstances where you cannot talk.

Personally, I had no success with think safe, but nod godmother worked beautifully.

Get Raised

You can be raised to life in a number of locations, listed below. Apart from those players capable of performing the Raise Dead ritual (of whom you should always ask nicely), the general method for availing yourself of this service is to simply type say please raise me, or 'please raise me at the appropriate location. Kindly souls such as Harry in the Temple of Small Gods will sometimes prompt you.


Cons: Locations:

Get Resurrected

The first option recommended by the Kilmarizan imps, and rightly so. Only other players are able to perform the Resurrect ritual; the convention is politeness at all times, and if you can afford it, possibly a donation. Few Pishites require more reward than the chance to earn some XP themselves with this important ritual; but we all like to feel appreciated, don't we?



Last But Far From Least...

Resurrection and Recovery Unit (RRU) was founded by the truly saintly and heroic Thalasso1 for the purpose of rescuing the clueless and unfortunate from desperate situations all over the Disc. Particularly those which result in the otherwise irretrievable loss of one's personal items in phenomenally dangerous environments.

The RRU can also be found in the Discworld MUD list of player clubs here: The club description, slightly unreadable on its Discworld MUD webpage, is as follows:

The Resurrection and Recovery Unit is an organization aimed to provide help for those in need of assistance in death-induced situations.

Corpse recoveries and resurrections are among some of the services RRU offers. If you need help of this nature, "tell" one of the online members, mentioning RRU, where you are, and what sort of assistance you require.

The RRU website is located at

And you're back! Back! BACK!

Ah, breath that sweet air! (Unless you're in Ankh-Morpork.) Your adventures in the Land of Shadow are concluded... at least for now.

So collect your belongings from your mortal remains (if you can find them), re-equip as fast as possible; and discover that you cannot bury your own corpse2.

And also check that line in your score again...

You have died 1 time and can die 6 times before you are completely dead.
Yes indeed... despite your return to health and fitness, for you the sands are flowing from just a little further down the glass. You have only 7 more lives to lose before your adventures are ended forever.

Or have you?

  1. What a guy!
  2. For some reason, you cannot bury your own corpse, nor that of another player. However, if you and the Pishite who resurrects you are both player killers3, the Pishite will be able to perform a ritual to give your Discly remains a decent send-off.
  3. Unlikely, but possible.