The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Oh No! It's all gone horribly wrong!

So there you were, gleefully trundling the folklorique highways and byways of the fabled Ankh-Morpork, when you suddenly discovered you were down to your last life and had somehow ended up in the Shades...

Or maybe you had mistakenly thought the dark and dangerous life of an assassin was somehow preferable to simple adventuring, and now you're doing the Run and realising that you've burned through seven lives and still have no idea how to traverse that last dodgy bit standing between you and full Guild membership1...

Or maybe you're just bored and you want to start again; but you've got the wrong stats for the Guild you want to join, and you like your character name too much to abandon it.

So what are you going to do?


Discworld MUD Helpfile:

The refresh command allows you to reset your character almost completely. It wipes out all your achievements, quests, skills, stats rearrange, and your membership of Guild, clubs and families.

For this reason, the Disc is reluctant to let you go through with an act as catastrophic as refreshing, and so simply typing refresh won't work. It will give you a handy hint, though:

See "syntax refresh" for the input patterns.
Not put off by such a frail attempt at dissuasion, you duly type in syntax refresh:
Forms of syntax available for the command 'refresh':
refresh totally and change gender 
refresh totally 

Interesting: you note that you could come back as a member of the opposite sex. Quite handy if you arrived in the Disc as a person of the male persuasion, only to discover that your true vocation lay within the tutelage of the Lancre Witch.

So, you make your choice, and type in that fateful command (well, one of them, anyway; in this case):

refresh totally

The Disc is horrified!

WARNING!  This will restart your character.

Are you sure you wish to refresh yourself totally? 
Yes you're sure. Discly life holds no more meaning for you, and your mind is made up.

The Disc can't believe you fully appreciate the enormity of your decision, and points out what you're about to give up with this reckless act:

Refresh will erase your character and recreate it.  It will be like you're logging in for the first time, ie no money, no equipment, no skills, no quests, no family, no clubs, no nothing.  You will appear back in the foyer of the newbie area, with the usual newbie equipment.

Use with care and note that this operation cannot be undone.
You read carefully, but you are not put off.

The Disc waits patiently, then asks you to make your final choice:

Having read the documentation, are you still sure you wish to refresh the character '(you)' totally?
Yes you're sure. This is your final answer, you don't want to phone a friend, and you can't ask the audience because you haven't got one2.

And so you make your final act by typing in the word yes...

The Disc gives in.

Ok, refreshing totally.
Doing refresh...
You reappear in a more solid form.
Done refreshing.
And there you are: completely revitalised, with all your lives intact, standing in the Pumpkin Town farmer's cosy little hut. Once again the world is the mollusc of your choice!

  1. Experience can be a terrible thing.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't resist.