The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Death's Domain

Strangely enough, given the experiences of Rincewind and Twoflower, at no point during your death experience do you find yourself in the Domain of Death.

There are three ways to enter Death's Domain.

Taxi or Limosine

By far the easiest is to pay a member of Taxi or Limosine to take you there.


Possibly the most tedious is to walk there by yourself, like Mort. But it is possible.

Get Kicked there by Ronnie Soak's Horse

The most unlikely is to try mounting Ronnie Soak's riderless horse. Rare sightings of Ronnie Soak may be made around Ankh-Morpork; though not as rare as sightings of Ronnie's horse, all alone. But they do happen...

Once there, you can have a little wander about, admiring all the black stuff and the golden corn, and also do the quest.

The Netherworld

Sadly, it is not possible to reach the Netherworld from Death's Domain, although it should seem so. The Netherworld can only be entered from somewhere in Djelibeybi.1

Useful References

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Resurrection and Recovery Unit (RRU). Most Pishites can resurrect you, but only the heroes of the Resurrection and Recovery Unit (RRU) can get you and your corpse out of the worst places on the Disc.

The Priests' Guild Wiki. Excellent resource for priests and followers, check out this site for more information about Resurrect, Raise and Restore.

No Sek Please, We're Pishites. Pishite Eupolis's site is a bit out of date, but contains a reference to the Pool of Pishe. It is also extremely funny, so well worth a read.

  1. Many thanks to Lenor Loveshanks for the information.