The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Life & Death

All good things come to an end. And the effort required to see that your career around the Disc doesn't come to a sticky end is so great, that you basically have a choice: explore and accept the inevitability of death1, or spend all day in the Mended Drum2.

But fear not! As the venerable old wizard Windle Poons once observed: "There is life after death. It's the same one."

Seven plus one lives

You'll have probably noticed, when typing score, this intriguing line:
You have died 0 times and can die 7 times before you are completely dead.
Sounds obvious, except to those seeing it for the first time. So let us spell it out, so you can be sure you haven't misread it.

Basically, it means this:

But within this simple, two-line rule, lies a multitude of detail which can change your death options substantially.

So substantially, in fact, that I have devoted an entire section to Death! Hurray!3

So let us examine the circle of life and death as it pertains to your Discly existence, dear reader, and begin with an essential first question: how can I avoid dying?

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  1. Actually, once you get used to spotting the dangerous places, staying alive without hiding all the time can be quite easy. Sadly, however, most of us have burned through a dozen or so lives before correctly identifying these.
  2. Which, admittedly, does have its compensations. But watch out for the brawls, or it'll be a wasted effort!
  3. Being a goth is merely coincidence.