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As soon as you chose a city (hopefully Ankh-Morpork), all those cute little pumpkins pennies magically transformed themselves into the local currency. But what is the exchange rate for pumpkin money into Discly wealth? Type money to find out.

Hmm, depressing, isn't it? And sadly, ways of acquiring more are severely limited. But cheer up! Follow my sterling advice, and you won't be skint for long.


If you chose Ankh-Morpork, then you'll have the chance of some very easy quests. I've already recommended two in the Gaining XP chapter, which confer the emote and remote commands.

However, there are a number of quests which also confer money.

As previously mentioned, you can find all the quests listed, along with their solutions (some as heavy hints, some explicitly described), on the Discworld MUD. Follow these instructions to get in:

Players aren't really allowed to talk about the quests in depth, so I'll restrict myself to telling you that most of them are level 1 & 2 (i.e. not very difficult), one of them is a level 6 (also not difficult, but it means leaving travelling outside of Ankh-Morpork), and the combined cash total is approximately one hundred and fifty dollars.

Why not check out job opportunities at the Ankh-Morpork Post Office...?


The search command is the traditional newbie route to riches. It is alleged that people have found royals (Ankh-Morpork coin worth AM$100) in the gutters - but I have yet to enjoy such luck: the most money I ever found in one go like that was a dollar.

But you can find a selection of items by simply typing search - and these you can sell in the general shops scattered around Ankh-Morpork.

Every search costs you 15 GP from the Adventuring skill tree.

In practical terms (and the continuing absence of the Skills & Commands section), this means you'll be able to do search only a certain number of times before your character is too tired to search any more.

But never mind: give yourself a nice rest, and you'll soon be able to resume your treasure hunt. And while you're resting, try doing score at regular intervals. You'll be able to see your current and maximum GP, how much difference there is between them, and effectively watch the GP return to its maximum level.

Robin Hood

If you're really stuck, you're having no luck with the Quests and all you get from searching is a load of smelly rubbish, you may wish to investigate the noble members of the Robin Hood club.

These kindly souls will help you get started with some basic equipment, saving you the need for cash. They may even, if they find you loveable, or pathetic, enough, bestow a few pennies on you as well (but don't count on it).

For more information:

Now that you have some cash...

Let's go ...    S H O P P I N G!   Wheeee!

And then you might like to consider more long-term, responsible, sensible things to do with your cash. Like... stowing it somewhere safe between sprees...?

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