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Discworld MUD help files:

When I first landed on the Disc, I soon got to grips with the various methods of acquiring cash - and shortly thereafter found myself staggering around under the weight of rather more coinage than is generally considered healthy.

Yes, sadly, paper money has yet to be invented on the Discworld, despite the attempts of Lord Vetinari.

What I needed was... a bank account!

General Banks

Not sure if this is the official name for them, but for want of a better term, "general" banks are the ones provided by the game.
  • Reliable. Put your money here in the absolute confidence that the counter will always be able to honour your request for withdrawals at any time
  • Withdrawals are free.
  • Branches in more than one town.
  • Expensive. Can cost as much as ten dollars to open, and a signficant percentage is deducted from every deposit.
  • Costs can vary dramatically from one town to another within the same bank.
  • Banks tend only to operate in related territories. For example, Bings can be found in Ankh-Morpork, Sto Lat and some other Sto Plains towns, but not in the Ramtops or Genua. Similarly, the bank in Bes Pelargic has no branches anywhere else.

Player Banks

The Player Banks are those run by Players1. These sometimes operate in buildings by themselves, or as a franchise counter in someone else's Player shop.
  • Considerably cheaper than the General Banks.
  • More branches, and in more territories.
  • Cross-territory branches cut out the need for money changers, saving you an expense.
  • Risk of running out of money so you can't make withdrawals.
  • Risk of the premises' lease running out, so you can't even get in and see your balance.
  • Risk of bank owner bancruptcy, depriving you permanently of your cash.
The command to open an account in either establishment is simply open account. The game tells you how much it will cost, and asks you if you're sure you want to open an account. If you are, type yes, otherwise, type no.

Once opened, simply deposit [money] or withdraw [money] as required.

NB: In both examples, "money" should be the amount shown by the money command, not money brief. Also, the bank counter seems unable to understand the word "and", so separate amounts using only commas (,).

To be on the safe side, I usually specify all numbers as digits rather than words. Apart from that, however, copy and paste are definitely your friends for these transactions.

My strategy has been to have General bank accounts in the territories where I spend most of my time (Genua and the Sto Plains), and an account with a Player bank with branches or franchises in the places I want to explore.

Money Changers

Discworld MUD help files:

Holidaying is so tedious when one finds oneself financially embarrassed; and what could be more embarrassing than being filthy rich in one territory and a penurious nobody in another?

Of course, being an Adventurer, you're unlikely to be anything but a penurious nobody anywhere. But if you have managed to assemble some funds to go travelling with, it would be nice to have them in the local currency.

If you were enlightened in your choice of bank, it could be that you need only drop into your nearest branch. This is definitely the cheapest option.

However, if your chosen financial institution doesn't operate in your current location, or you simply never had enough spare cash to make it worth your while opening an account, you can go to...

... a money changer!

Despite the name, the helpfile above will you show you how to swap your currency in any money changing establishment, not just the one in Djelibeybi2.

There are two commands for changing your money, depending on where you are:

  1. buy from [place] with [your money]
  2. sell [your money]
NB: As in banks, "your money" is the amount shown by money, not money brief.

My personal experience in these various places is that the syntax can vary slightly from location to location, influenced by subtle local factors.

So, if you've tried out the instructions in the helpfile and had no luck, try the command help here. Specific help for that room will appear, and you should enjoy much more success.

Here's a list of money changers available at the time of writing. Check their locations on either Boot's or Kefka's maps.

Ankh-Morpork: Ankh Bridge & Street of Bookkeepers
Bes Pelargic: Hook Street
Djelibeybi: Lettuce Lane
Genua: two rooms South from Genua Avenue
The Ramtops: Lancre Street, Ohulan Cutash

Of course, as on Roundworld, different currencies have different rates. The Discworld MUD help file explains the exchange rate, so you can calculate what your money is worth in different places:

Or if you can't be bothered operating a calculator, you could go straight to Simidhel's extremely handy Currency Converter:


Discworld MUD help files:

A vault is a secure place to stash your prized possessions. Like bank accounts, you can have as many as you like (just as well, if you're a shopaholic like me...), and they are absolutely thief-proof3.

Your first visit is generally free, apart from a charge for opening an account. The command for this is much like a bank, with a couple of differences:

  1. The commands open account, open an account and apply for an account all do the same thing...
  2. ... namely, deduct the initial charge for opening a vault account from your meagre stash on the assumption that asking for an account means you're absolutely sure you want one.
That's right: unlike the genteel banks, the vault owners generally don't give you an option to change your mind once you've asked. (Apart from the one in Bes Pelargic... but that one does charge a mighty one hundred rhinu for the priviledge!)

If you haven't got enough money, obviously you won't get a vault. But do make sure you've read the information carefully before asking, and that you're sure you want a vault in this location - because the charge might take all your money.

But a vault is well worth having, and thereafter will cost a mere 30p (or equivalent amount) to enter and use.

Be advised that there is a time limit on how long you can spend playing with the stuff in your vault. If the vault owner thinks you're dilly-dallying, he or she will drag out out and charge you again to go back in.

And there we have it

That concludes our short introduction to the practicalities of adventuring around the Disc.

The final two chapters step out of character for a moment to look at the immensely useful subject of aliases, and take a brief look at how to control your talker.

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  1. Thank you, Captain Obvious.
  2. However, don't confuse it with the other type of money changer, described here: I've only seen these in a couple of Player Shops so far, and I've never had enough money to make it worth using one. Basically, you can exchange a pocket full of pennies into a larger denomination coin . This is useful, because it reduces your burden. But personally, I've yet to get that rich!
  3. Allegedly.