The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Handy Useful Stuff

So here you are in the Big Wahoonie (or possibly somewhere more exotic), clutching your few possessions from Pumpkin Town, and wondering what to do next1.

The answer, of course, is anything you like! (For helpful suggestions, check out the Thynges To Do section).

But your adventures will be much more fun with a bit of extra cash and some nice kit.

Before moving onto the crucial question of Money & Equipment, however, one thing you will need is a good map. I recommend a perusal of the following.

Handy Useful Maps

Street Maps
At the time of writing, the very best street maps available are provided by Kefka. This collection of maps was originally drafted by Airk, who gave them to Kefka to maintain. Therefore, be careful of using the maps on Airk's own page (currently top in the list of Player Links on the main Discworld MUD site), because these are out of date.
Map of Carriage Stops
The map of carriage stops is written and maintained by Unslidge. Carriages are free, but take ages to get anywhere,especially the Continental Express. On the other hand, you're completely safe from brigands & other miscreants, and you can always while away the time upskilling. Again, be sure to rely on the maps on Unslidge's own page (i.e. the link above) and not the ones linked from Airk's site.
And, leaving the best til (almost) last... Boot's Terrains Maps
Anyone who really wants to explore the rugged wilds of the Disc can do no better than bookmark Boot's Terrains Maps. The terrains literally add a third dimension to travelling the Disc, and can play havoc with your sense of direction, since travelling three miles can be the matter of walking up one side of a hill and down the other and not actually moving any closer to your intended destination. Boot's maps are invaluable.

Boot's Street Maps are also excellent, and include an incredible level of detail, even going as far as to list items available in shops. However, shops and shop inventories tend to change fairly frequently, and so these are now a bit out of date. Fear not, however: the venerable Boot was last seen heading for the Morpork Mountains with his cartographic gear and a purposeful gleam in his eye. I think an update is imminent.
Other Map Resources
The Atlas section of the Discworld MUD contains a number of excellent maps, including all of the above.

Unslidge also has an atlas! And most brilliant it is too; in fact, rather superior to the official one linked above. Check it out here:

Handy Useful Streetfinder

Strangely, only one person has ever really got to grips with the subject of a street finder. (Although Boot and I once discussed collaborating on something similar. Maybe we'll give the plans a bit of a dusting sometime.)

And the hero responsible for this immensely useful resource is Shamrock. Try out his masterpiece here:

Please note only that Shamrock hasn't updated his site (or logged into the Disc, for that matter) in a very long time, so some of the maps used may be considerably out of date. However, for general directions until you get your bearings, the streetfinder is extremely useful.

And there we have it.

So, now you know where you're going, let's have a look at what kind of kit the well-equipped tourist needs in the streets of Ankh-Morpork. And, indeed, anywhere else...

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  1. The official site provides a short help file containing a very brief guide to essentials. This is always worth a read, and you can find it here: