The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Getting In

Discworld Online Help:

The above link covers all the main points about how to get in, including the actual net address - surprisingly few sites actually include it1. So bookmarking for reference after you've read it might be a good idea. As is getting a standalone MUD-client. I tried playing through the Play Now link, and it was okay... But it is as basic as it gets, and if you want to spend a lot of time on the Disc, a dedicated client is a definite must-have.

So I went for MUSHclient, as recommended by Pendrake, and have found it a pleasure to use. Check out the Links section of Pendrake’s site for some very good advice on how to get the best out of MUSHclient 2.

Okay! So, you’ve loaded up your dedicated MUDclient, or, because you’re the impatient sort, you’ve clicked Play Now. The glittering vista of the Discworld MUD opens up before you:

LPmud version : FluffOS v2.8 on port 4242.
Welcome to Discworld: the stuff of which dreams are made.

Silently, slowly and surely, Great A'Tuin paddles through space, its
great eyes surveying the dark, emty wastes before and behind it.
Standing on A'Tuin's great back are four enormous elephants, straining
under the colossal weight of the Discworld itself.  It sparkles with
magic, reflects the light of the stars and generally fails to be as
unobtrusive as possible.

Q - Quit
M - Print this menu again
D - Delete your character
R - Request a temorary password
U - Short list of who is on-line
L - Short list of liaisons on-line
P - Uptime
F - Finger someone
N - New character
G - Guest character

Or, enter your current character's name

Your choice: 
If you just can’t wait to get take a walk around the fabled Great Wahoonie, press G for Guest Character. This will prompt you for a name and a gender, and give you the list of rules for playing.

Please note: the Discworld Admin take the rules very seriously. Break them, and you could find yourself permanently barred! And that would be tragic. So...

To play on Discworld you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  * Profanity is not allowed on public channels.

  * Harassment of any kind (including sexual and racial) is grounds for
    immediate banishment.

  * Use of robot scripts or triggers is not permitted.

  * You may not have more than one character logged in at once.

  * Bugs must be reported, abuse of bugs is often grounds for banishment.

  * Giving out quest solutions, in whole or in part is not permitted either
    on the mud or through other media.

  * It is your responsibility to read, understand and adhere to the rules as
    given in ‘help rules’.

Please read the terms and conditions CAREFULLY!...

The game gives you a helpful pause of about two minutes to think about the rules, then asks you if you agree or not.

Enter ‘yes’ if you agree to the terms or ‘no’ if you cannot.
By typing ‘yes’ you signify that you have read, understand and agree to be
bound by these terms and conditions: [yes/no]

Type yes, and suddenly there you are in the Mended Drum. Lovely! Except... you haven’t got any money or equipment, and anything you acquire in your sojourn will be lost when you log out. You could go forth and do some exploring... but maybe you’ll have more fun if you just reconnect and hit N for New Character instead...

  1. For reference, the address is:, on either port 23 or port 4242. Or if you want to get technical, check out Pendrake's site for the full IP address in digits.
  2. MUSHclient is now freeware instead of shareware - you don’t have to pay to use it! Yay!