The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

N for New Character

Welcome to Discworld: the mud that launched a thousand telnets, a mud based on the Discworld books by Terry Pratchett.

Advice on choosing a name:

 * Do NOT choose a NAME that is offensive, abusive or profane.

 * Do not choose a name from the books OR a name that is similar to a
   character from the books or the MUD.

 * Do not choose a name that is a NOUN (animal, place, thing, substance,
   etc.) since this is likely to cause conflicts.

Enter the name you wish to play on Discworld or 'g' for a list of
generated names: 
Think carefully about what youíre going to be called. Not only in terms of the rules about names, but also about how other players are going to see you. Itís very odd, and maybe it will be different for you, but I found that my various characters (I currently have three, including Sothis) all seemed to acquire distinct personalities, regardless of the fact that they are all, basically, me.

It goes without saying that the name will influence how people react to you; but I was surprised to find that the names inspired me to act in different ways. So, give it some careful thought. The game gives you some handy hints, and even offers to generate a list of potential names for those who are really stuck:

Enter the name you wish to play on Discworld or 'g' for a list of
generated names: 
You are choosing a name for the first time on Discworld.
You can choose a name which is generated to sound something like:
1 - Weird (eg. haepekey)
2 - Yiddish (eg. chayloy)
3 - Lojban brivla (eg. djyfpi)
4 - French (eg. gaunt)
5 - English (eg. mooll)
6 - Japanese (eg. eshnawago)
7 - Tolkien's black language (eg. gaazna)
8 - Latin (eg. cobate)
9 - Female fantasy (eg. edoama)
: - Male fantasy (eg. laredri)
M - Main Menu
Q - Quit

Your choice? 
Of course, after seeing some of the names "helpfully" generated by the Disc, you might prefer to choose one of your own after all.

Gender is also worth thinking about. Your Strength and other statistics are not affected by gender. However, while you can join any of the available Guilds as a female player, you canít become a witch if your character is male. This is slightly irritating: if the game is going to contradict the stories itís based on by allowing female wizards, then why not allow male witches? But there it is.

And... thereís a good possibility youíll attract a lot of attention from other players if your character is female. Sothis seemed to appeal to people as a little girl lost: witches gave her presents of healing brews and elegant stilettos, kindly priests gave her money. And a variety of people gave me loads of advice. Which was very nice of them... but it did detract somewhat from my experience of learning and exploring.


Youíve decided on a name and followed the prompts to:

You're in!

Two things to bear in mind about new characters:
  1. You must play for at least 30 minutes in order for your character to be saved;
  2. If you create a character, play for a few hours, and then donít login with it for a couple of weeks, thereís a strong possibility it will be deleted. This is because the game automatically deletes abandoned characters - it does a sum based on how old the character is and how long since it was last played in order to decide if itís been deserted.2

But for now... what's happening? That doesn't look like the Mended Drum!

Inventory regeneration complete.
As you swim into existence, floating in space, you see the Great A'Tuin, star turtle.  He (or as the case may be, she) paddles slowly through the cosmos with four giant elephants standing on his (or her) shell.  On their backs, the disc of the world revolves, glittering under the light of its sun.

On the Discworld you see giant landmasses, mountain ranges, oceans, forests and even cities.  And at the rim, an endless waterfall flows into space, creating a stunning rainbow of colours.

You begin to notice that the world is steadily getting bigger.  Or are you just moving towards it?

You are falling at speed towards a small village.  A large pile of pumpkins is directly below you...  That should break your fall.

You pass out.
  1. A combination of letters and numbers has been traditionally recommended. More recently, however, it's been suggested that you think up a memorable sentence then use the first character from each word. For example, Hooray it's Friday and it's time to leave work! would give you this: HiFaittlw!. It's not unbreakable, but it's close enough.
  2. More on this later.