The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Pumpkin Town Tour #1

And since we've got all day, we might not want to rush things... after all, it was a long way down, messy landing... A quick damage check might be in order first. To just have a quick look at yourself, simply type ex me.
ex me
Looking at yourself again?  What a narcissist!
You see Sothis.
She is a strapping young human lass.
She is in good shape.
She is lying on the floor.
Wearing : a colourful sash.
Carrying: a lightable torch and an ice bucket.
Her purse is bulging with coins.
Eek, you're lying on the floor getting dusty! But at least you're not covered in pumpkin mush; and despite the long drop, you're apparently in good shape. On the other hand, you appear to be naked apart from a sash! Good thing it’s nice and warm in here. And why have you got an ice bucket? Still, the part about a purse bulging with coins sounds good. But what exactly have you got?

To see what equipment and money you’ve got in one go (without seeing what shape you’re in, etc.), type i for inventory:

You are unburdened by:
Wearing : a colourful sash.
Carrying: an information booklet, a voucher, a lightable torch and an ice bucket.
Your purse contains 8 Pumpkin dollars and 100 Pumpkin pence.
The examine command, ex for short, can be used to examine anything in Discworld. You could also look (or L for short) at an item or person for the same description. However, typing look or L1 by itself will show you your immediate surroundings. If you type ex or examine by itself, you get:

See “syntax ex” for the input patterns.

The game is very helpful for commands. If you get one wrong, it will offer you links to the relevant syntax and/or help files; if it doesn’t recognise the word you’ve used, it will suggest the most syntactically likely alternative.

syntax ex
Forms of syntax available for the command ‘ex’:
ex (object) 
ex (direction)

So anyway, type ex sash for a better look at this odd item of apparel:

This is a long, brightly-coloured sash with a delicately embroidered space turtle hatching out of its shell stitched across the bottom.  His eyes are wide and full of awe at the multiverse stretching out before him.  If he only knew the future he has in store...
It appears to have something written on it.
It is in excellent condition.

What does it say? Type read sash (or r sash) to find out:

You read the colourful sash:
Welcome to Discworld, Sothis.


Look at *Everything*

This is the general advice usually given to undergraduate assassins, but advice from which everyone on the Discworld MUD will benefit. Now that you've tried out look and examine on yourself, try it out on the contents of the hut.
l cot
The small cot looks very comfortable and has been adorned with a plush, fuzzy blanket and a fluffy pillow.  You can "lie on cot" to see just how comfortable it is.
lie on cot
You sink deeply into the cot.  It feels extremely comfortable!
You lie on the comfortable looking cot.
Mmmmm, cosy! When you've finished cuddling that fluffy pillow, type south2 to go forth. And remember: look at everything!

Communication #2

As previously mentioned, Pumpkin Town is littered with NPCs to help and advise you in the ways of the Disc. The first one (second, if you include the talking pine bench just outside the Farmer's Hut) is Gabriella Prattle.

Miss Prattle will gleefully instruct you in the ways of chatting to other characters on the Disc. Respond as prompted to her to try out conversing - you can copy and paste from the screen display into the commands box rather than laboriously type it all. Get in the habit of copying any punctuation in the examples as well... you'll find there are places in the Disc itself where a missing full stop can be a crucial oversight.

The Pumpkin Town NPCs all have their own distinct personalities, but all work in much the same way as Gabriella. Read what they have to say, then give it a go.

Or you can ignore them and carry on, secure in the knowledge that you can always come back and try them out later on - and this includes the Farmer's Hut and Garbriella's introduction to social chatter.

I mention this only because, as you leave Gabriella to annoy other newcomers in the Park, there's a rather significant-looking sign next to an unusual direction: out.

r sign
You read the informative sign:
          +++ IMPORTANT LAST NOTES +++ 

Some final things you should really know about are listed here:

 * It is not necessary to eat or drink on Discworld.
 * If you see no colour on this line, type "term ansi".
 * If you want to log out, type "quit", don't just close your client!
 * To see useful information about yourself, type "score"; to see
   your inventory, type "inventory" or just "i".
 * A lot more useful commands are listed in "help essentials".
 * If you are lost, you can use "godmother help".
 * If you don't play for a long time (60 times your character's age, or
   10 days if that's more), your character will get deleted.  To avoid
   this, simply log in for even a minute before that time!
Mmmm, all good to know; especially that last bit about character deletion. We already know that abandoned characters get deleted - now we know how the game decides which characters have been abandoned!

Pumpkin Town Maestro and Senior Creator Pit Veridicus also kindly vouchsafed to me that typing the number 60 will tell you exactly on what date and time your character will expire if you logged out and never come back. For example, when Athelain tried it on Thursday June 5th 2008 at 21:01:22, he discovered that:

60 times your age is 41 days, 1 hour and 40 minutes, which lasts until Wed Jul 16 22:41:23 2008.
Which means that if he wants to keep from expiring, he needs to login at least once before that date.

So anyway: choose out and you see this:

You are being moved to the town square of Pumpkin Town, the newbie area of Discworld Mud.

To go out of the newbie area and into the real world, just go west.

If you want a bit more preparation - buy weapons, train combat, earn some startup skills and perhaps learn more - you can explore the village.  You have been given a guide and map to help you with that.  Typing "look guide" will give you some pointers on how to read it.  Also remember that "help here" will usually tell you how to use a room.

While in Pumpkin Town, you can always redo the introduction.  Use godmother to get back to the help hut.  If you have more problems, you can ask for help on the newbie channel.  For example, "newbie I'm having trouble with ..."
And thus you know everything you need in order to get the best out of Pumpkin Town. And then, the Disc! So:
Press return (enter) to continue...
  1. Commands aren't case-sensitive in the Discworld MUD. It's just that lower-case L's and upper-case i's tend to look the same!
  2. If you have connected via a MUD client, directions like south and climb window should appear as links and you can simply click on them to go that way. If you entered via the website Play Now link, or via telnet, then you’ll have to type them.