The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Onwards (Tour #2)

It would be terribly unsporting of me to describe Pumpkin Town in the same meticulous detail I previously applied to the old Newbie Area, as this would deprive you of the excitement of finding out for yourself. So I won't.

I will, however, suggest you re-check your inventory at this point...

You are unburdened by:
Wearing : a colourful sash.
Carrying: a small bucket, a lightable torch, a closed Pumpkin Town visitors' guide and a map of Pumpkin Town.
Your purse contains 8 Pumpkin dollars and 100 Pumpkin pence.
Aha! In addition to such useful items as a sash and a small bucket, you now appear to have a visitor's guide and a map. Fantastic!

So, no excuses for getting lost: where shall we go first?

Well, it may have been warm enough to run around nekkid in the Farmer's hut, but it's possible you're starting to feel a slight chill now you're wandering the streets. Maybe a look at the guide would suggest somewhere you could buy a new outfit?

look guide
This is a friendly looking guide to Pumpkin Town.  It could probably help you decide what to see and do before going out into the world.  Why not open it and read it?
It appears to have something written on it.
It is closed.
> HINT: To open the guide, "open guide".  To read the page you are on, "read guide".  To turn to the next page, use "turn page of guide".
And of course, there's a handy useful map, too.
l map
This map gives an overview of Pumpkin Town and topics you could learn about.  It shows:
        J       @ - town square (player information)
       /        A - travel agency (where you leave the newbie area)
      W-P       B - town square (talker)
     /|         C - town square (colour)
    W R-Q       E - town square (soul commands)
   /  |         G - guilds grove (guilds)
N-M-B-C-S         a (assassins), t (thieves), w (warriors)
    |x|           c (witches), z (wizards), p (priests)
  A-@-E a t     H - hospital (healing)
    | |\|/      J - jail (councils, city laws)
  K T H G-w     K - introduction park (basic knowledge)
       /|\      M - street (distant travel)
      c z p     N - night club (darkness, night, bulletin boards)
                P - post office (mail)
                Q - garden (quests)
                R - street (searching)
                S - shops
                T - morgue / training room (combat, death)
                W - street (getting lost, water, safe exploring)
You can also read the map:
r map
The map shows a little village.  The centre is a 2 by 2 room square, surrounded by several useful buildings.  A travel agency, that could lead you out of Pumpkin Town and into the larger Discworld, is west from the southwest corner; a training room, the town's morgue and a hospital are south from the square.  Two shops are at the northeast.
Some streets branch off the courtyard too.  Guilds Grove, in the southeast, is surrounded by various rooms, where assassins, thieves, warriors, priests, wizards and witches live.  The village's main street runs along the north side of the square.  A night club, jail, post office and garden are connected to the street.
You are at the southwest corner of the town square.

You could learn about various topics in the different places.  To find out the topics, use "list topics on map".
To find out how to get somewhere, you can use "locate [place] on map", or "locate [topic] on map".
Personally, the command locate [topic] on map is my favourite one, because I get lost a lot. Let's try it now to find the shops, by typing locate shops on map.
locate shops on map
To get there, go northeast, east.
Incidentally, in your haste to rush of and blow your pumpkin pennies on shiny things, don't do what I do and type northeast, east. Doing so will get you nowhere. Instead, contain your excitement, take a deep breath, and do:

northeast and press Return
east and press Return.

Great! Now let's go BUY THINGS!!!