The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Going Forth

You've TM'd all the skills on offer in the Guilds Grove. You've sold all the weird junk you found about your person when you arrived, keeping only the useful items and maybe buying one or two others1. You've invested in your dream weapon - or at least, its closest approximation available in the upstairs, weapons and armour department of the Pumpkin Town Equipment Emporium. You may even have bought some clothes, but it won't be a disaster if you haven't; and of course you've saved as many pumpkin pennies as you possibly could.

Unfortunately, the map doesn't seem to show any exits from Pumpkin Town out into the wilds of the Disc. Maybe it's one of those odd little Ramtops places, bordered on four sides by towering cliffs.

Fortunately, there is a travel agent, who should be able to help. Have a look at the map, or get directions by typing locate travel on map2.

A Bright and Airy Travel Agency

There are posters all around the white walls, and some tables with chairs where you can have a look at pamphlets.  An exit to the east leads back to Pumpkin Town, and a mysterious, glowing door is hovering in the air at the back of the room.
There are two obvious exits: east and enter door.
A travel agent is standing ready to help.
A friendly looking sign is bolted to one of the walls.
You close the east door.
> The travel agent greets you.
The travel agent is a helpful type who reminds you of all the useful things you might like to do before leaving the delights of Pumpkin Town behind forever.

Give it all some careful thought - you've probably done everything there is to do, but it's easy to miss something interesting in this busy little place.


A confident-looking villager marches into the room, walks up to the mysterious door, mutters a few words and disappears in a puff of green smoke.
A mysterious portal to new places!
This looks promising!
enter door
You advance towards the door, but it won't let you through.  You should probably choose a destination first!
For more information, read the sign.
Ah yes... just diving through without a second thought could land you anywhere. (Did I mention small Ramtops villages bordered on four sides by towering cliffs?)

Let's read sign to investigate all the exciting places in which we might begin our adventures.

   //                                                              \
   || Travellers choose your destination!  Which parts of the world |
   || do you want to explore?                                       |
   ||                                                               |
   || Look carefully at each of the lands before you make your      |
   || choice - it determines the language you start with and your   |
   || local accent, as well as where you start.                     |
   ||                                                               |
   || The current list of available start nationalities is:         |
   || Djelibeybi, Howondaland, Morpork, Lancre, Ephebe, Klatch,     |
   || Agatea, Omnia, Istanzia, Uberwald, D'reg, Genua and Tsort.    |
   ||                                                               |
   || You can get 'info' on each nationality, and each region       |
   || within a nationality.                                         |
   ||                                                               |
   || You choose your nationality with 'choose [nationality]        |
   || [region]'; for example 'choose morpork Ankh-Morpork'.         |
   ||                                                               |
   || Use 'help here' for more help on 'info' and 'choose'.         |

Ah! So you don't necessarily have to begin your adventures in Ankh-Morpork... you could choose rustic Lancre, land of witches, or the pyramids of Djelibeybi, or the swamps of Genua... how to choose?

Type info [place] for more information - for example, info genua:

info genua
The swampy lands known as Genua are scattered around the city of the same name.  Renowned for the historical meddling of fairy godmothers, Genua is rife with the residual magic of fairy tales.
Regions you can choose:
  * Bois
  * Genua

You can use 'info  ' for further information on each region.
Refine it as recommended, e.g. info genua bois:
info genua bois
Bois is a small village near the city of Genua, and fairy tale creatures run wild.  There are no guilds in Bois, however adventurers can travel to less provincial locations via carriage or ferry.

Characters from Bois start the game with Genuan currency and speaking Morporkian.

You can choose this as your immediate destination with 'choose Genua Bois'.
Have a perusal of them all, just to see the different options. If you want to take a bit more time to browse, there is a helpfile with all the information available here presented in one page:

You'll notice that the game warns you against some locations, as these are more challenging environments, of more interest to people who are already familiar with the Discworld MUD and want to branch out a bit.

There's no reason why you can't plunge into one though, if it really appeals to you! Sothis currently comes from Bois in Genua, which is a very sweet little village with some very easy quests - but the first few times I went through the newbie area, I chose Ankh-Morpork.

The game recommends Ankh-Morpork as the best starting point for an absolute beginner. And I would agree - but I also recommend it because, if you've been drawn here by your love of the books, there's something truly magical about actually being in Ankh-Morpork (the design of which seems much truer to the books than the design of Sto Lat or Lancre Town).

So, without further ado, choose life... in the Mended Drum!

To do this, type: choose morpork Ankh-Morpork:

Sothis steps through the mysterious door, into the black unknown.

Post Script

So that's it for the Absolute Beginners' section of The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD. Click on Home to return to the main site and choose something interesting from the menu. Apologies if the section you choose is incomplete - this is a work in progress!

And please feel free to Contact Me with any feedback, nice criticism, words of sycophantic praise, etc. etc. at any time...

  1. The torch is probably the only thing worth keeping. And I'd strongly recommend buying a satchel in the Emporium, because you can only carry about eight items before you start dropping things. And if there are some available - there usually are - load up with a few more torches. But remember not to spend any more money than is absolutely necessary.
  2. I love that locate x on map feature!