The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Adventuring Skills

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As mentioned elsewhere, the newly germinated Adventuring tree doesn't represent a concession to the lone wolves of the Disc: it is simply one half of the newly rationalised (and superceded) Other tree.

Nevertheless, I would wholeheartedly recommend a very detailed perusal of the Adventuring tree to any Adventurer: within its luscious foliage are a number of skills of immeasurable use to anyone in their life on the Disc, notably and ad.perception.

The tree is shown here (along with the command that yields it) with the stat dependencies breakdown for each leaf skill. As mentioned in The Rearrange, this information is extremely useful when considering bonuses.

skills adventuring stats
SKILL                                   Stats
adventuring                             DDISS 
adventuring.acrobatics                  CDDSS 
adventuring.acrobatics.balancing        CDDSS 
adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling         CDDSS 
adventuring.acrobatics.vaulting         CDDSS 
adventuring.direction                   DDIIW 
adventuring.evaluating                  IIIIW 
adventuring.evaluating.armour           IIIIW 
adventuring.evaluating.weapons          IIIIW                      CCCCS 
adventuring.movement                    CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.climbing           CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.climbing.rock      CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.climbing.rope      CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.climbing.tree      CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.following          CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.following.evade    CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.following.pursuit  CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.riding             CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.riding.camel       CCDDS       CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.sailing            CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.swimming           CCDDS 
adventuring.perception                  IIWWW 
adventuring.points                      CDISW 
NB: The layout of the skill trees as seen here is given by typing options output skills = list. If you do this, but then decide you prefer the default table layout, you may return to it by typing options output skills = branched.

Below are the commands specifically requiring various Adventuring skills, either for its acquisition, or simply for its more effective use.

Learned Adventuring Commands Available to All Players

Judge adventuring.evaluate.weapon 5
Vurdere adventuring.evaluate.armour 5

Natural Adventuring Commands Available to All Players