The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Learned Commands Available to All Players

This table lists the commands available to all players - and thus the only ones available to Adventurers - which need to be taught and learned before they may be used. It's adapted from the one by Steve (no idea who he is on the Disc, or I'd give him a bigger citation) here.

A list of commands which you can use as soon as you arrive on the Disc is available here: Natural Commands.

The commands are listed in level order, rather than alphabetically, so you can see what's available to you at which skill level, and decide where to spend your XP most effectively.

NB: This list may be incomplete. I've discovered a few omissions since I copied it from Steve's original, and there are various commands which are still in development (or redevelopment, e.g. crack).

As ever, please Contact Me if you know of any commands which should be in this list and are missing. Thanks!

Bob fighting.special.unarmed Unknown
Palm covert.manipulation.palm 3
Slip covert.manipulation.passing 3
Judge adventuring.evaluate.weapon 5
Plant covert.manipulation.passing 5
Snatch covert.manipulation.stealing 5
Vurdere adventuring.evaluate.armour 5
Fix craft.smithing 10
Leatherwork craft.materials 10
Repair craft.carpentry 10
Peek covert.stealth 10
Sneak covert.stealth 10
Hide covert.hiding.person 10
Punch fighting.special.unarmed 10
Kick fighting.special.unarmed 10
Bash fighting.special.weapon 15
Chop fighting.special.weapon 15
Feint fighting.special.weapon 15
Hack fighting.special.weapon 15
Pierce fighting.special.weapon 15
Riposte fighting.special.weapon 15
Shoplift covert.manipulation.stealing 15
Shove fighting.special.tactics 15
Slash fighting.special.weapon 15
Slice fighting.special.weapon 15
Stab fighting.special.weapon 15
Trip fighting.special.tactics 15
Unhide covert.stealth 20
Beat fighting.special.weapon 20
Steal covert.manipulation.stealing 20
Bandage craft.medicine.firstaid 25
Conceal covert.hiding.object 30
Crush fighting.special.weapon 50
Impale fighting.special.weapon 50
Pick covert.lockpick.door 60
Ambush covert.stealth & covert.items.weapons 60/60
Iai fighting.special.unarmed & fighting.special.weapon 70/70