The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Faith Skills

Discworld MUD help files:

The Faith skill tree is of complete irrelevance to anyone who doesn't follow a god. It also extensively utilises the Wisdom stat, which means makes it a rather exclusive tree.

This means that any non-priest should think very carefully before rearranging his or her skills in favour of faith skills - and even the priests should weigh up the pros and cons very carefully.

The most invaluable website for all Discly matters of faith is The Priests Guild Wiki. Armed with the information contained therein, in addition to the skill/stat information shown below, you should be well equipped to decide how you wish to use Faith - if you wish to use it at all.

The tree is shown here (along with the command that yields it) with the stat dependencies breakdown for each leaf skill. As mentioned in The Rearrange, this information is extremely useful when considering bonuses.

skills faith stats
SKILL                           Stats
faith                           ISWWW 
faith.items                     IIDWW 
faith.items.rod                 IIDWW 
faith.items.scroll              IIDWW 
faith.points                    IICWW 
faith.rituals                   ISWWW 
faith.rituals.curing            ICCWW 
faith.rituals.curing.self       ICCWW     ICCWW 
faith.rituals.defensive         IDDWW 
faith.rituals.defensive.area    IDDWW 
faith.rituals.defensive.self    IDDWW  IDDWW 
faith.rituals.misc              IIWWW 
faith.rituals.misc.area         IIWWW 
faith.rituals.misc.self         IIWWW       IIWWW 
faith.rituals.offensive         ISSWW 
faith.rituals.offensive.area    ISSWW  ISSWW 
faith.rituals.special           ISWWW 
NB: The layout of the skill trees as seen here is given by typing options output skills = list. If you do this, but then decide you prefer the default table layout, you may return to it by typing options output skills = branched.

Faith Commands Available to All Players

The only faith command available to non-priests is pray, which doesn't need to be taught. However, it doesn't do much unless you follow a god.

To follow a god, go to his or her high altar and simply pray. If you're in the correct alignment, you will be accepted as a worshipper. And then you can develop various faith skills to allow you to:

There are a number of highly desirable rituals out there; possibly the most desirable is Divine Hand, which allows you to travel enormous distances in, roughly speaking, three moves. However, as a non-priest, one must carry an awful lot of stuff around in order to make any ritual work. And this is in addition to having the requisite skills! Without them, you won't even be able to hold the artefacts. And it takes a lot of work to advance those skills to the necessary level.

Useful Websites

There is really only one website any priest or follower need consult in their devotions: the mighty Discworld MUD Priests Guild Wiki. This site contains every single piece of information you could possibly want on the subject of Faith.

However, old and out of date though it may be, I could not possibly fail to mention Eupolis's hilarious website, No Sek Please, We're Pishites. Safely archived by Zexium after the fall of Geocities, this site is a wonderful reading experience - and still contains some relevant information, especially on the subject of prayer.