The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Skills and Commands

Skills and commands. The crux of a game like the Discworld MUD, and, consequently, extremely difficult to write about for a newbie such as myself.

Various attempts to do so may be found in Absolute Beginners, particularly the chapter Skills for Newbies. Some parts may be duplicated in here - please bear with me in my attempts to be comprehensive.

So! Choose a chapter, have a rummage. Each chapter is independent, but you might want to start with Learn & Teach.


I hope this chapter is somewhat better than it was before; but it will never be perfect, so please allow me to apologise for its many shortcomings; and then to invite you all to Contact Me with any corrections, comments, or lists of inaccuracies.

As ever, full credit will be given to anyone who sends me anything I subsequently use.