The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

People Skills

Discworld MUD help files:

The freshly sprouted skilltree People is the other half of the now defunct Other tree. It covers all the Other skills which pertain to interracting with other people.

The tree is shown here (along with the command that yields it) with the stat dependencies breakdown for each leaf skill. As mentioned in The Rearrange, this information is extremely useful when considering bonuses.

skills people stats
SKILL                              Stats
people                             DDISS 
people.culture                     IIIWW 
people.culture.agatean             IIIWW 
people.culture.ankh-morporkian     IIIWW 
people.culture.djelian             IIIWW 
people.culture.ephebian            IIIWW 
people.culture.lancrastian         IIIWW 
people.points                      CDISW 
people.teaching                    IIIWW 
people.teaching.adventuring        CDISW 
people.teaching.covert             DDIIC 
people.teaching.crafts             DDIIW              IICWW 
people.teaching.fighting           CDDSS 
people.teaching.magic              IISWW 
people.teaching.people             CDISW                     IIIIW              IIIIW             IIIIW            IIIIW     IIIIW       IIIIW  IIIIW    IIIIW 
NB: The layout of the skill trees as seen here is given by typing options output skills = list. If you do this, but then decide you prefer the default table layout, you may return to it by typing options output skills = branched.

You may have noticed, those of you who remember the old Other tree, a distinct absence of language skills. This is because they've have been pruned altogether and replanted to create a bonsai skill tree, languages.

To view the cutting which is languages, simply type language or languages:

         Djelian............. |  44 |....|  42 |
         Grunt............... | 100 |....| --- |
 current Morporkian.......... | 100 |....| 100 |
Neither I nor my alts have done much in the way of language learning since the skill trees revamp, so I may speak with very little authority on the subject. However, as you can see, your list of known languages is shown, with Spoken and Written indicated as separate leaves. I suspect that your list of languages will grow as you start learning new ones.

Below are the commands specifically requiring various Adventuring skills, either for its acquisition, or simply for its more effective use.

Learned People Commands Available to All Players

None that I know of as yet.

Natural People Commands Available to All Players