The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

The Rearrange

Discworld MUD help files:

When you sign up your character, the game gives you a set of personal statistics. To see them, type score stats.

score stats
Constitution ... 13         
Dexterity ...... 13           
Intelligence ... 13  
Strength ....... 13
Wisdom ......... 13
Height ......... 180 cm
Weight ......... 80.6kg
You can move stat points about with the rearrange command. The minimum stat you can have for any skill is 8, and the maximum is 23. All your stats should add up to a total of 65. You cannot exceed this maximum, although you can rearrange with a total of less1.

The advantage of rearrange is that you can manipulate your bonus in various skills to improve your performance in tasks requiring that skill. Two characters with exactly the same levels of skill can enjoy dramatically different success at performing, for example, a spell or a nifty move in a fight, if their rearranged stats - and therefore bonuses - are different.

The disadvantage of rearrange is equally profound. You can only perform a rearrange once (without refreshing and starting again from scratch). You can slightly alter your rearrange by one stat point at a time, but it is very expensive process which temporarily damages your health. And you have to wait a considerable length of time before you can move another one.

So the sterling advice to wait - until you're very, very sure what sort of character you want to play - before you rearrange your stats cannot be offered too fervently.

Make sure you know what sort of character you want before using the rearrange command.

Deciding on a Rearrange

Of course, knowing what sort of character you want to play, and understanding how that relates to the seven skill trees is, perhaps, another matter.

For example, do you simply wish to roam the Disc as a perennial (but stylishly-dressed) hippy drop-out like Sothis, or do you wish to take rugged individualism to ridiculous new lengths like Minimal?

For Sothis, good defence skills and a reasonable level of at least one melee skill is sufficient; all other advancement is centred very much on acquiring good language and culture abilities, and various domestic commands like Fix and Leatherwork. For Minimal, however, the fighting tree, along with Health, pretty much covers it.

And there are any number of other permutations which may take your fancy. But in every case, you need to know which skills give you the best results in the life you wish to lead.

Ways of Viewing the Skill Trees

Typing skills stats in-game will handily show you which stats are used by which skills, and in what quantity. However, the result can be a bit limited, depending on what you have learned so far. For example, Athelain, armed with his rudimentary skills from the Guilds Grove in Pumpkin Town (and using options output skills = list), gets this:
skills stats
SKILL                                   Stats
adventuring.acrobatics.balancing        CDDSS 
adventuring.acrobatics.tumbling         CDDSS 
adventuring.acrobatics.vaulting         CDDSS 
adventuring.direction                   DDIIW 
adventuring.evaluating.armour           IIIIW 
adventuring.evaluating.weapons          IIIIW                      CCCCS 
adventuring.movement.climbing.rock      CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.climbing.rope      CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.climbing.tree      CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.following.evade    CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.following.pursuit  CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.riding.camel       CCDDS       CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.sailing            CCDDS 
adventuring.movement.swimming           CCDDS 
adventuring.perception                  IIWWW 
adventuring.points                      CDISW 
covert                                  DDDII 
covert.casing                           DIIWW 
covert.hiding                           DDIIS 
covert.items                            DIIII 
covert.lockpick                         DDDDI 
covert.manipulation                     DDISS 
covert.points                           DDIIC 
covert.stealth                          DDDIS 
crafts                                  DDIIW 
faith                                   ISWWW 
faith.items                             IIDWW 
faith.points                            IICWW 
faith.rituals                           ISWWW 
fighting                                CDDSS 
fighting.defence                        DDSSW 
fighting.melee                          CDDSS 
fighting.points                         DSSCC 
fighting.range                          DDDSS 
fighting.special                        CDSII 
fighting.unarmed                        DDSSW 
magic                                   IIIDW 
magic.items                             IIDWW 
magic.methods                           IIIDW 
magic.points                            IISWW 
magic.spells                            IIDWW 
people.culture.agatean                  IIIWW 
people.culture.ankh-morporkian          IIIWW 
people.culture.djelian                  IIIWW 
people.culture.ephebian                 IIIWW 
people.culture.lancrastian              IIIWW 
people.points                           CDISW 
people.teaching.adventuring             CDISW 
people.teaching.covert                  DDIIC 
people.teaching.crafts                  DDIIW                   IICWW 
people.teaching.fighting                CDDSS 
people.teaching.magic                   IISWW 
people.teaching.people                  CDISW                   IIIIW                  IIIIW          IIIIW            IIIIW       IIIIW         IIIIW            
You may, of course, refine your query by specifying tree. For example, to view the stat dependencies for the entire fighting skill tree, simply type skills fi stats:
skills fi stats
SKILL                       Stats
fighting                    CDDSS 
fighting.defence            DDSSW 
fighting.defence.blocking   DDSSW 
fighting.defence.dodging    DDDDW 
fighting.defence.parrying   DDDSW 
fighting.melee              CDDSS 
fighting.melee.axe          CDSSS 
fighting.melee.dagger       DDDDS 
fighting.melee.flail        CDDSS 
fighting.melee.heavy-sword  CDSSS 
fighting.melee.mace         CCDSS 
fighting.melee.misc         CDDSS 
fighting.melee.polearm      CCSSS 
fighting.melee.sword        DDDSS 
fighting.points             DSSCC 
fighting.range              DDDSS 
fighting.range.bow          DDSSS 
fighting.range.fired        DDDDS 
fighting.range.thrown       DDDSS 
fighting.special            CDSII 
fighting.special.mounted    CCDDW 
fighting.special.tactics    WWIII 
fighting.special.unarmed    DDIII 
fighting.special.weapon     SDIII 
fighting.unarmed            DDSSW 
fighting.unarmed.grappling  DDSSW 
fighting.unarmed.striking   DDSWW 
Stat dependencies as shown by skills stats are rendered somewhat graphically as groups of five letters. These represent how many fifths of Constitution (C), Dexterity (D), Intelligence (I), Strength (S) and Wisdom (W) are used by each skill, down to the smallest leaf.

At this point, you may wish to consult this list of Learned Commands available to all players (and thus to Adventurers). It shows the name of the command, gives a link to the relevant Discworld MUD site helpfile, and tells you the minimum level of which skill you need in order to learn it. After that, simply carry on acquiring more levels of that skill in order to improve.

A similar table of Natural Commands is also available. These commands do not require a specific level of skill to use, nor must you learn them first. However, as with Learned Commands, the higher your level of relevant skill, the more success you will enjoy when using them.

The Bonus Computer

Before getting down to the specifics of how to rearrange, allow me to properly introduce you to the single most important website you can explore in your search for the perfect rearrange. The superlative Bonus Computer is currently maintained by Jeanie, and may be found at these addresses: In here, you can try out different rearranges and see what sort of bonus they give you for every skill in every tree.

It also, among many other things, handily provides a breakdown of all skills with their stat dependencies under Skill/Stat Relationship. The format is different to the one used in-game by skills stats, and some people may it easier to read.

There are also calculators to show you how many XP and HP you will regenerate per heartbeat after using commands or being injured in fights, and how much XP you need to advance a skill.

The benefit of this cannot be overrated.

This Is It

So, you've trundled about the Disc a bit, trying out various skills and commands, and generally seeing what floats your boat3.

You have made extensive use of the magnificent Bonus Computer, safely trying out various rearranges to see which ones will give you the greatest success. On the grounds that you can only rearrange once, and make only small adjustments thereafter, you haven't been afraid to look at some really extreme rearranges - after all, the Bonus Computer is a sandbox, not the Disc itself.

Finally, you've probably clocked up at least five days or more of playing time (as shown by typing score, not merely five days since you first logged in) to give yourself a good taste of the Disc and enough skill levels to see how well it's possible to do with the default of thirteen points for each stat.

Suitably prepared, you make your way to the office of the nearest Retrophrenologist.

You wot?

Yes indeed: until recently4, all one had to do to rearrange was type the command rearrange and follow the instructions.

Now, typing the command rearrange gives you this:

You must be in a retrophrenologist's office to rearrange your stats. There are retrophrenologists in various major cities.

Rearranging is available to help you define your character and make it unique. Your stats affect how you can do things in the game, and there is no single "best" rearrange.

There are five stats: Con, Dex, Int, Str, Wis. You will be able to assign each of them a value between 8 and 23. However, the total number of points accross all stats cannot be higher than 65.

You can only fully rearrange your stats once. Do not take this process lightly. While a retrophrenologist can provide minor adjustments afterwards, it will be expensive and require a long recovery period.

Before visiting a retrophrenologist, read the helpfile on stats, spend some time playing with your character to get a feel for how things work, and talk to other players. However, do not accept advice from players you do not trust! Be sure that any advice you take is accurate before you rearrange.

You do not need to rearrange early in the game, so take time to research and think about your rearrange before seeing a retrophrenologist. Ask your local retrophenologist about a rearrange when you are ready.

See also stats, score, skills, bonus
While this is somewhat inconvenient to those of us who know what we're doing and merely wish to create alts, it is a considerable improvement for total newbies. For one thing, it's more naturalistic, and for another, it means the decision to rearrange can no longer be done on the spur of the moment; the effort of travelling to a specific place to do it means you've got no choice about giving it at least a few minutes' thought.

So, where do you find the nearest retrophrenologist5?

It would appear that there are curently no retrophrenologist services available in Uberwald or Genua. This is not a problem for Genuans, since the language spoken there is Morporkian, and Ankh-Morpork or Ohulan-Cutash is only a carriage-ride away; but it may represent something of an inconvenience to natives of Uberwald. For, as you may have guessed, you cannot ask a retrophrenologist for a rearrange if you do not speak his or her language6.

And with that in mind, let us simply view the process. At this point, I sent Athelain away for a beer, as he really isn't ready to make such a momentous move in his career, and called up my trusty stunt double, Figment. Watch him now, as he innocently enters the offices of Zorgo the Retrophrenologist, currently operating out of the backstreet known as Knuckle Passage on the Isle of Gods.

This is the operating room of Zorgo the Retrophrenologist.  A large black chair occupies the centre of the room whilst shelves and counters line the north and south walls.  The floor is freshly swept, a broom stands in a corner by a pile of what looks like broken crockery.  There is a large window on the west wall, next to the back door leading out onto Knuckle Passage.  There is a door to the east to the waiting room.
There are two obvious exits: east and west.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist is standing here.

Zorgo the Retrophrenologist says: Hello Figment, thanks for dropping in.

l zorgo
Unlike other trolls, Zorgo refrained from becoming a splatter or a bodyguard or another violent member of the Ankh-Morpork community and instead became a retrophrenologist.  Like his brethren he gets paid to hit people.  Unlike his brethren, people come to him asking to be hit.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
Holding : a wooden mallet (left hand).
Wearing : a leather apron.

Zorgo the Retrophrenologist exclaims: I used to talk like Detritus, but I went to see a retrophrenologist in Ohulan. If retrophrenology can make a troll articulate, imagine what it can do for you!

You say: I would like to rearrange, please

> Zorgo the Retrophrenologist exclaims to you: Oh, you're here for my one-time special? Great!
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist feels around on your head.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist says to you: Yes, I can rearrange your bumps a bit, if you're sure you're ready. Remember, this is a one-time deal only! If you want to wait and ask for guidance at any time I won't be offended.

Zorgo the Retrophrenologist whispers to you: Say which stat you want to increase or decrease and by how much. For example, if you want to increase your constitution by three points, say "increase con by 3". You can also say "change con to 20" or "set con to 20" if you so desire. Saying "save" or "done" will complete the process while saying "cancel" or "stop" will cancel the procedure. Finally, if you want to start over, you can say "reset" or "restart".

Zorgo the Retrophrenologist whispers to you: Con: 8 Dex: 8 Int: 8 Str: 8 Wis: 8 Pool: 25

You say: change strength to 20
> Zorgo the Retrophrenologist massages your head a bit.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist whispers to you: Con: 8 Dex: 8 Int: 8 Str: 20 Wis: 8 Pool: 13

You say: change con to 16
> Zorgo the Retrophrenologist massages your head a bit.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist whispers to you: Con: 16 Dex: 8 Int: 8 Str: 20 Wis: 8 Pool: 5

You say: increase dex by 5
> Zorgo the Retrophrenologist massages your head a bit.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist whispers to you: Con: 16 Dex: 13 Int: 8 Str: 20 Wis: 8 Pool: 0

Zorgo the Retrophrenologist wipes a speck of blood from a hammer.
You say: done
> Zorgo the Retrophrenologist exclaims: Okay!

Zorgo the Retrophrenologist unexpectedly thumps the hammer down hard on your head, blood and bits of hair spray around the room.
You lose consciousness.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist asks: All done. That didn't hurt at all, did it?
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist pushes your unconscious body off the chair onto the floor.
Zorgo the Retrophrenologist loudly exclaims: Next please!
Poor Figment.

The Result

As you may have observed, Figment went for an extreme rearrange, going from the defaults of 13 all round, to the following:
score stats
Constitution ...  16        
Dexterity ......  13           
Intelligence ...   8     
Strength .......  20
Wisdom .........   8
Height ......... 180 cm
Weight .........  95.9kg
What does this mean? The score command is the quickest way to see the change, since the alterations to Strength and Constitution alone will have changed Figment's number of Hit Points.

Before the rearrange, with a mere five levels in four skill trees, Figment's score looked like this:

You have 500 (500) hit points, 50 (50) guild points, 0 (684) quest points, 2 (1093) achievement points and 50 (50) social points.
Your current experience is 20578 and you are level 4 in the Adventurers' Guild; your overall rating is 2304.
You have died 0 times and can die 7 times before you are completely dead.
Your wimpy is set to 20%.
You are unburdened (0%) and quite comfortable.
You are neutral, worshipping no god.
You are 1 hour, 44 minutes and 29 seconds old and have logged in 3 times.
Now, it looks like this:
You have 582 (582) hit points, 50 (50) guild points, 0 (684) quest points, 2 (1093) achievement points and 50 (50) social points.
Your current experience is 23233 and you are level 4 in the Adventurers' Guild; your overall rating is 2120.
You have died 0 times and can die 7 times before you are completely dead.
Your wimpy is set to 20%.
You are unburdened (0%) and quite comfortable.
You are neutral, worshipping no god.
You are 2 hours, 13 minutes and 59 seconds old and have logged in 3 times.
Or rather, it did after he recovered from being bashed over the head by a troll with a big hammer. Before that, score stats revealed a rather more tragic picture:
You regain consciousness.
You groan.

score stats
Constitution ...  15 (-1) 
Dexterity ......  12 (-1) 
Intelligence ...   7 (-1)  
Strength .......  19 (-1)  
Wisdom .........   7 (-1)   
Height ......... 180 cm 
Weight .........  95.9kg
No point in checking one's shiny new bonuses when one is unwell: the minus numbers given in parentheses show the suffering earned by anyone submitting to the tender ministrations of a retrophrenologist. Be warned: in addition to a period of unconsciousness in which you are unable to even get the result of a score command, there is a lengthy wait before your health has recovered to normal levels. (Unless you can find a kindly Pishite to heal you. And on this occasion, Figment would like to express his grateful thanks to Jarkko for services rendered.)

Final Words on Rearrange

So there we have it: virtually everything you could possibly need to know before committing yourself to rearranging your personal statistics.

To briefly summarise:

And finally: resign yourself now to accepting that there is no such thing as the optimum rearrange. Whichever stat you choose to increase, will be done at the expense of another stat.

Good luck in your research, and remember: you don't necessarily have to rearrange at all. Members of Guilds are inevitably in competition with other players in some way or another; we Adventurers are not. If you rearrange, it should be only to increase your enjoyment of aspects of the game you already enjoy; and it could be that you find nothing needs to change.

And this is perfectly all right.

  1. But only a very strange person would choose not to use all his or her available stat points.
  2. At the time of writing (April 2010), the Darkmud site is down for the forseeable future, and there seems to be a slight issue with saving cookies on the Irreducible site. The latter will probably be temporary, however, so don't let it put you off. (You might also want to check the security settings on your browser, in case it's being over-zealous in clearing cookies!)
  3. Figuratively speaking, as boats and other such floating items have yet to be implemented. Poo.
  4. February 12th 2010, in fact: Retrophrenologists Getting Retrophrenologized!.
  5. Grateful thanks to Llylia, Aell, Adyton, Stealth, Andrew, Pit and the members of the newbie-channel for their help and advice.
  6. But, as mentioned elsewhere, beginning your Discworld life in Uberwald is only for the very experienced or the terminally reckless. Consider this another challenge.