The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Natural Commands Available to All Players

There are a large number of commands which, although you can use without being taught, work more effectively if you increase your levels of skill in various areas. Not all of them have helpfiles, either - according to Boot they're simply part of the skill tree themselves. For example, sewing. There is no specific sew command, but if you thread a needle, you may sew with it - using crafts.materials.needlework as the mechanism for making it happen1.

Therefore, this is the one section of this site which will grow very slowly, as I blunder about, discovering new things to do in various parts of the Disc. As ever, please Contact Me if you know of anything which should be in this list and is missing. Thanks!

Skills: adventuring.movement.climbing.rock/rope/tree.
Notes: The syntax for getting the best out of climb may be found in-game by typing syntax climb. Note well the assess qualifier - it may save your life.
More Notes: While the various vaulting, tumbling and acrobatic skills found in the adventuring tree can be fun to have, good climbing skills frequently have very practical advantages; for example, the parcel office branch of the Bes Pelargic post office, sited as handily as it is behind a massive rock at the end of a narrow alley.
Skills: crafts.materials.needlework.
Notes: The syntax for using a needle may be found in-game by typing help embroidery needle - you get the same helpfile as the one linked above.
Useful To Have: probably (all flavours, depending on what you wish to sell) and people.points in case fence-ing requires GP.
Notes: Once you have reasonable levels of the relevant skills, you can receive more money for certain items from the fences than you can in the General Shops.
This is stating the obvious somewhat, given that the fences are Thieves Guild NPCs, but you can sell stolen goods to the fences. You cannot sell stolen goods in any of the General Shops, even if you were not the person who stole them.
Skills: adventuring.movement.following.evade.
Useful To Have: covert.stealth (all flavours), and adventuring.perception.
Notes: Get this one as high as you can, because the de facto life of crime one must generally lead on the Disc means that sooner or later, members of the Watch, the Sto Lat guards, and similar persons in other territories, will become very keen on making your acquaintence. And their pursuit skills are massive.
Skills: faith.points.
Notes: You need to acquire a god before you can pray. Go to the High Altar of your chosen deity, and pray.
More Notes: Pray a lot, and investigate the various ways to modify your prayers with syntax pray. There are a few Achievements and at least one title to be gained by diligently worshipping your primitive-and-outmoded-concept-on-a-crutch.
Skills: adventuring.movement.following.pursuit.
Useful To Have: covert.stealth (all flavours), and adventuring.perception.
Notes:This is a useful one for when you're fighting thieves - they tend to run away and hide when they're getting the worst of it; if they then drop dead and they're in a different room to you, you lose out on whatever XP you would have earned for killing them. If you pursue them (and you need to pursue [NPC] as soon as possible after your opening attack), you automatically get dragged after them wherever they go.
More Notes: This only works if you can still see your quarry. If the thief has higher levels of the relevant skills than you and absconds or hides, your pursue attempt will fail.
Skills: adventuring.points and adventuring.perception.
Notes: The more adventuring.points you have, the longer you can search, and the more adventuring.perception you have, the more likely you are to find something nice.
NB: searching uses up your GP. You can TM levels of adventuring.points by, among other things, browse-ing items in shops.
Skills: crafts.materials.needlework
Notes: The syntax for using a needle may be found in-game by typing help embroidery needle. I and my associates have yet to try sewing anything, so I know this command only by rumour.
  1. Or something along those lines. It possible that I may well have somewhat garbled what he actually said to me.