The Adventurer's Guide to Discworld MUD

Sothis the Adventurer

Sothis (April 21st 2006 - present) was my first ever Discworld MUD character. She started off as an Adventurer, but soon joined the Assassins Guild after discovering that the friendliest people on the Disc seem to be assassins.

However, various experiences - mainly down to inexperience and not a little basic ineptitude - led her to first of all refresh and start again, and then finally to delete altogether and really start from scratch.

After one final shot at the Conlegium Sicariorum, Sothis decided that, despite the cool wardrobe, the life of a hired killer really wasn't for her.

So, one more refresh later, Sothis now wanders the Disc as an itinerant tourist, ever eager for the next horizon and interesting people to talk to. If you see her, say hello! She looks like this1:

You see Mlle Sothis.
She is a strapping young human lass.

         Sothis is a girl of around 15 or 16. She dresses with practical stylishness in clothes which are plain but expensively cut, and which show off her lithe, supple frame to its best advantage. She has a small mouth with rosebud lips, and large green eyes, in a pale, oval face framed by a cascade of waist-length golden curls.  
         It is when you meet those eyes that the china-doll impression of youth and vulnerability falters; the determined gaze seems to belong to someone much older. All in all you are reminded of a line from the Lancre Play: "Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it."  
Good manners never go out of fashion.

She is in good shape.
She is standing.

Sothis is a semi-roleplaying character. If you talk to her, you're talking to me - but in the context of an inhabitant of the Disc, possibly a graduate of Oppidan House2. I'm happy to discuss Roundworld issues and game mechanics etc., just as I'll talk about Discworld things as if they're real - in here, they are! So feel free to come over and chat about anything :)

However, my other character, Severus, is a deep roleplaying character. That is, if you talk to him, you're talking to my interpretation of him, not to me, and once I really get into him, I don't come out! On the other hand, though, I won't force you to interact with him.

The Discworld MUD has a nice little file on Roleplaying, found under Playing, Help, Concepts: - and I would really like to emphasise this point:

Also remember that a roleplayer who comes across as brusque or rude may simply be playing their role, it may not be personal!
- since Severus is quite a grumpy person with a nasty streak of sarcasm!

I've only just started work on Severus, who is one part roleplaying escapist fun and seven parts experimental writing project. When I get more into it, and into the character, I'll explain it all in here.

  1. Okay, I admit it: I don't look remotely like that. But this is a fantasy roleplaying game!
  2. Which isn't actually an option in the game - if you join the assassins, you're going for full membership. But there's no reason why someone couldn't have it as a backstory for their character.